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Don't Get Locked Out! Locking Port Cap Quick Tip!

Just because your company only uses one type of port cap doesn’t mean you won’t be called to service a system with another manufacturer’s locking port cap.

C&D Valve CD3830 Universal Locking Cap Removal Tool with 3 Bits

Be Prepared! A Locking Cap Multi-Key can save you a ton of time and frustration. Trust me, if you don’t have the key, you won’t be very happy! More importantly, you don't want to be the tech who is trying to cut a locking cap off with a Sawzall or some other method. I have heard some odd and concerning methods to get access to those ports. I just want everyone to be prepared before they arrive onsite to a service call and to be as professional and efficient as possible.

Code Reference for Locking Access Port Caps

International Mechanical Code (IMC) 1101.10

Grab yourself a Multi-Key today at your local supply house or on amazon!-



Derek P.
Derek P.
Dec 20, 2021

Are Locking Refrigerant Caps Necessary?

Refrigerant Caps and Drug Abuse

Some people have addictions to chemicals. Some people have the desire to alter their individual state and this is sometimes called self-medicating. One of the phenomena happening in this world of drug abuse is the “huffing” of refrigerant. People are inhaling refrigerants and getting high from the oxygen deprivation. The refrigerant is heavier than oxygen and therefore, the huffing becomes dangerous because the individual is unable to replace the heavy chemical with fresh air. An organization called United Parents to Restrict Open Access to Refrigerant (UPROAR) was created when a teenager died as result of refrigerant huffing. The neurotoxic chemicals in inhalants in general can cause chemical dependency and mental…


Larry Farneda
Larry Farneda
Jun 23, 2021

I kind of know what the purpose is for the locking cap, but why do installers or technicians put them on? Is this to prevent theft of refrigerant or to limit the amount of technicians ability to service a customers equipment. Basically you having control of the service contract for a particular customer?


How about rectorseal socket tool I can't find it anywhere!

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