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I am an HVACR Master License Holder and a Licensed Teacher of HVACR, Sheet Metal, and Building Maintenance in the State of New Jersey. I taught HVACR in the Technical High School to adults and High School students. I have over 16 years of experience in the field and also own an HVAC Contracting Business. I created AC Service Tech LLC as a means to provide technicians with in-depth training in a way that is relatable and useful for in the field.


I have seen what it takes for my students to understand and apply the many procedures in our trade and I have used this knowledge to build resources for new and seasoned techs. I want all technicians to have a deep knowledge of our field so that they can grow quickly and have confidence in their skill sets. I will always do my best to present you with the most accurate information available as well as to provide you with up to date processes and procedures. I also make it my goal to explain the relevant information that you are seeking in a manner that is both technical and easy to understand.

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Thanks for all your continued support! I appreciate all the comments, questions, and responses that I receive from each of you. I look forward to responding to many more! If you have an HVACR related question, drop it in the comment section of one of the YouTube videos at the AC Service Tech YouTube Channel and I will do my best to respond.


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