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I am an HVACR Master License Holder and a Licensed Teacher of HVACR, Sheet Metal, and Building Maintenance in the State of New Jersey. I taught HVACR in the Technical High School to adults and High School students. I have over 16 years of experience in the field and also own an HVAC Contracting Business. I created AC Service Tech LLC as a means to provide technicians with in-depth training in a way that is relatable and useful for in the field.


I have seen what it takes for my students to understand and apply the many procedures in our trade and I have used this knowledge to build resources for new and seasoned techs. I want all technicians to have a deep knowledge of our field so that they can grow quickly and have confidence in their skill sets. I will always do my best to present you with the most accurate information available as well as to provide you with up to date processes and procedures. I also make it my goal to explain the relevant information that you are seeking in a manner that is both technical and easy to understand.


Meet Craig Migliaccio

Owner of AC Service Tech, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Do you answer technical questions and where do I ask?

Most of your technical questions are answered directly in the comment section on YouTube over at the AC Service Tech Channel. I have answered thousands of comments posted on youtube in the comment sections under each video and continue to answer questions there and a close to daily basis.

How do I get my more in-depth or time sensitive technical questions answered?

Join us over at patreon.com/acservicetech and receive help on your big ideas and questions!

How did you get started making training videos?

I was looking for quick 5 minute videos that I could show my High School and Adult HVACR students as an intro to each topic and as a reinforcement tool to my in-person training. Students wanted to learn more at home. I couldn’t find the videos I was looking for. You could say, the concern for my students is what started me on this journey. I decided I would take time to make the videos myself.

Why did you enter the HVACR Trade?

I always liked working with my hands and was always intrigued by how things work and were built. After 1 year of college, I decided I wanted to enter a trade. At the time, I worked for a fitness equipment servicing company where we diagnosed and fixed problems with treadmills, elliptical, and other gym equipment. I thought to myself, how many treadmills and exercise bikes are out there and how important is it that they are fixed? Then I thought, every house and building has a heater, water heater and most have air conditioning. This was the field I wanted to enter. In my opinion, it was recession proof and I would be needed. Everyone needs heat.

How did you get started in this trade?

I started looking in the wanted ads of my local paper. I was hired by a residential installation and service company down the road from where I lived. Unfortunately, it was full of people with some very bad habits. I only lasted 3 months there before realizing this was not the right fit for me. The field was right but I had a very hard time being around the people and they were unwilling to teach me even though I felt that I was working as hard as I could. I started working for a different company and suddenly I flourished. The owner put me with the installation manager of 30 years. It was amazing. The installation manager had a real heart for teaching and helping the younger techs. The owner had great sales skills, high expectations, and quality was always king. I asked a lot of questions to the installation manager while we were working but I made sure I never stopped working to ask them. I asked questions right through our lunch break as well. I learned a lot about business and a lot about how jobs can be performed thoroughly. This started my love for this trade!


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How do I show my support?

You can show your support by joining patreon.com/acservicetech or purchasing my Book. Purchases made on Amazon after entering amazon.com/shop/acservicetech will also provide a commission to the AC Service Tech. For more info on supporting us, check out our support page!

Why do you continue making HVACR Videos?

Hearing from Patrons and Subscribers about how much the videos mean to them and how the videos have helped them in their journey continues to fuel me in my endeavors to develop HVACR training.

What do you think are the most important things to learn in HVACR?

During service, learning the way to safely approach a system is more important than fixing the system. Determining any potential dangers and situational awareness is most important. Learning the sequence of operation of the systems you work with is also very important.

What is your favorite part about teaching HVACR?

The “Aha Moments” are golden. I love when a student is finally able to grasp a concept or procedure.

Why did you write an HVACR book?

As a teacher, I could not find a book that encompassed the many procedures that we use for working with refrigerant based systems in the field. I found that the topics were explained but the procedures were usually missing.

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