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Recovery Bottle Weight

In order to determine how much refrigerant can be added in a used recovery bottle, first the neck of the recovery bottle must be read. This will show the WC (water column capacity) and the TW (tare weight). The bottle can only be filled with refrigerant to 80% of the WC. Next, the digital scale must be turned on and zeroed. Weigh the recovery bottle for the total weight of the recovery bottle and refrigerant.


To determine the total weight of the bottle with refrigerant inside, multiply .8 by the WC. Then add the TW. Follow the calculations below step by step to determine how much refrigerant can still be added in the recovery bottle.

Bottle Weight
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Example: Finding the Allowable Capacity Remaining Inside a Recovery Bottle

          The Recovery Bottle has a WC of 47.6 lb and a TW of 27.5 lb

          .8 x 47.6 lb WC = 38.1 lb Allowable Capacity

          38.1 + 27.5 lb TW= 65.6 lb Max Weight Allowed for the Bottle with Refrigerant

          47.6 lb Actual Weight

          65.6 lb – 47.6 lb = 18 lb Allowable Capacity Remaining


This video explains the Recovery Bottle Weight Calculations during Step 4-



If you want to learn more about recovery, refrigerant charging methods, procedures, and troubleshooting, read the “Refrigerant Charging and Service Procedures” book by Craig Migliaccio.



Author: Craig Migliaccio, © 2019 AC Service Tech LLC

About the Author: Craig is a Licensed HVACR Teacher and Master Licensed Contractor in the State of New Jersey.

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