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Mini Split Book
45 Video playList

If you have not yet purchased our Inverter Mini Split Operation and Service Procedures book, be sure to check it out! It is available as a Paperback and E-book!

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This list of 45 VIDEOS correlates to the Paperback version of "Inverter Mini Split Operation and Service Procedures".


Pg 1 Book Introduction

Pg 3 Humidity Removal, Condensate

Pg 5 Indoor Unit Types

Pg 14 EPA 608 Certification and Test Prep

Pg 23 Very Basic Refrigeration Cycle

Pg 24 Basic Refrigeration Cycle Version 2

Pg 29 Refrigeration Cycle Training Posters

Pg 32 Refrigeration Cycle of a Heat Pump in AC Mode

Pg 36 Refrigeration Cycle of a Heat Pump in Heating Mode

Pg 45 Compressor Types

Pg 50, 55, 58 Mini Split Parts Explained

Pg 56 Mufflers/Strainers

Pg 60 Metering Device Internals

Pg 65 Reversing Valve Explained

Pg 74 Mini Split Equipment Mounting

Pg 76 Flaring Tool Types

Pg 77 Why Eccentric Flaring Tools Work Best

Pg 77 Making a Flare in 30 Seconds

Pg 79 Flaring Copper Tubing and Torquing Joints

Pg 81 Dry Flares vs Wet Flares in Terms of Leaks

Pg 81 10 Reasons Why Flares May Leak

Pg 91 Refrigerant Access Fittings for the Service Port

Pg 97 Valve Core Removal Tool Use

Pg 124 Steps to Vacuum a Mini Split

Pg 131 Triple Evacuation

Pg 140 Checking the Charge of a Mini Split

Pg 164 Calibrating Temperature Measuring Tools

Pg 170 Vacuuming a New Recovery Bottle

Pg 174 Refrigerant Recovery Best Practices

Pg 204 Surge, Overvoltage, Undervoltage Protection

Pg 204, 208 Circuit Boards, Testing, Surge Protection

Pg 205 Mini Split Wiring Installation

Pg 234 Pressure Switch Operation and Testing

Pg 237 Pressure Transducer Operation and Testing

Pg 238 Thermistor Operation and Testing

Pg 251 Compressor Testing, Electrical Resistance

Pg 256 Base Pan Heater Operation and Testing

Pg 261 EEV Operation and Testing

Pg 266 Louver Motor Operation and Testing

Pg 280 5-Wire Fan Motor Operation and Testing

Pg 321 Cleaning Mini Split Coils and Blower Wheel

Pg 326 Mini Split Classroom Projects

Pg 326 Full Install, Ceiling Cassette Unit

Pg 326 Full Install, Wall Mounted Unit

Pg 326 Full Install, Ducted Air Handler Unit

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