Tools List

We all need them and truth be told, it can be a challenge to figure out just what tools you may need for the job. Not to worry; we did it for you. Below you can find videos, lists, and links that are specific to a variety of jobs. These links can take you where you need to go to get the job done right!

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The List


Brazing & Sweating
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Refrigerant Charging with a Compound Manifold Gauge Set


Refrigerant Charging with a Digital Manifold Gauge Set


Ductless Mini Split


Vacuum Pump Setup


Refrigerant Recovery


Electrical Diagnosis


Refrigerant Leak Detection


Copper Tube Swaging


Ductwork & Sheet Metal Tools


Furnace Pressure Switch Testing


Copper Tube Flaring


Condensate Clean Out


Wireless Tools for Checking the Charge


Valve Core and Port Access


Wet Bulb Psychrometers


Quick Reference Charging and Troubleshooting Cards