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UNCONFORMED Review (Quick Tip)

I just finished reading the book Unconformed, by Bryan Orr, from HVAC School. I invested about 5 hours spread over three days and let me tell you, the payoff was worth it!!! He really gets you thinking outside the box. This book allows you to be unstuck in your career choices and gives you practical tips that you can apply to your current career. He gives advice to help you facilitate important learning opportunities for your children to allow them to gain skills and make wise decisions for their future.

Bryan continually highlights the value of the trades in society along with the career value to the individual. Bryan communicates about employer and employee patterns and growth opportunities as well as key communication skills. He helps you identify individuals with massive potential for growth. He demonstrates methods you can take to properly invest in other technicians such as apprentices.

The long and short is there is something for everyone in this book. I circled over twenty quotes that were really important to me. Think outside of the box, outside of the norms of our current education system, improve the trades, help others lives, be more aware within your own life. Make sure you read this book!

Please leave Bryan a review on Amazon if you have already read this book. That will help greatly in getting it out to more people. I put this post together because more people need to read and apply this!!! Great job Bryan and thanks for your hard work on this and everything you do to benefit others!!

-Craig Migliaccio

1 comment

1 Comment

Basil Green
Basil Green
Sep 20, 2023

you for this recommendation. I have definitely been thinking along these very lines.

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