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The Directional Flow of Refrigerant in a Heat Pump During AC Mode (Quick Tip)

(This image is courtesy of our friend JD Kelly @student_of_hvac)

In this refrigerant flow diagram, we see a simplistic piping arrangement for a heat pump running in cooling mode. When we take the complexity away, such as in this drawing, it allows a newer tech to easily follow the refrigerant path, especially as the refrigerant travels through the reversing valve and accumulator.

Most of us don’t remember how overwhelming and complex things can seem when starting out in this trade. Diagrams like this can be a huge asset for an apprentice and give them that "Aha, now I got it!" moment! Think of ways that you can invest in your apprentices!!

Learn more by watching this refrigeration cycle basics video below!

Below we have a video on the refrigeration cycle of a heat pump!

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