This PowerPoint Bundle includes 11 distinct PowerPoint Presentations with presenter notes, that are designed to teach the refrigeration cycle on various systems. 


There are two types of presentations included in this bundle. The “Detailed” versions are based on our HVAC Refrigeration Cycle Posters. The other versions are designed to pair directly with the "Refrigerant Charging and Service Procedures for Air Conditioning" book for the refrigeration cycle sections.


Each PowerPoint includes presentation notes for instructors to utilize or for individuals to read through each step of the refrigeration cycle. Please note, these are read-only PowerPoint Presentations that cannot be edited in order to protect the integrity of the training information. Make sure to view the PowerPoints in "Presenter View" to see the notes for each slide while in slide show mode.


The Refrigeration Cycle PowerPoint Presentation Bundle includes the following presentations:


1. Basic Refrigeration Cycle (Detailed) – 6 Slides

2. The Refrigeration Cycle of an Air Conditioner (Detailed) – 23 Slides

3. Heat Pump Refrigeration Cycle, Air Conditioning (Detailed) – 24 Slides

4. Heat Pump Refrigeration Cycle, Heating (Detailed) – 24 Slides

5. Ductless Mini-Split Refrigeration Cycle, Air Conditioning (Detailed) – 28 Slides

6. Ductless Mini-Split Refrigeration Cycle, Heating (Detailed) – 28 Slides

7. Walk-In Box Refrigeration Cycle (Detailed) – 30 Slides

8. Basic Refrigeration Cycle – 6 Slides

9. The Refrigeration Cycle of an Air Conditioner – 23 Slides

10. Heat Pump Refrigeration Cycle, Air Conditioning – 24 Slides

11. Heat Pump Refrigeration Cycle, Heating – 24 Slides

Refrigeration Cycle PowerPoint Presentations

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  • This PowerPoint Bundle will be provided for download as a .zip file containing 11 individual PowerPoint Presentations in the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) format. 

  • This PowerPoint Presentation is a read only presentation and modifications may not be made to this file or presentation. For full terms of use, please refer to the terms and conditions available at checkout. 

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