Tech Links

These are some links I thought would be helpful but I make no legal guarantee to their accurateness, eligibility, or completeness. I am not affiliated with any of these in a way of sponsorship. I hope these help!


Beginner circulator  pump sizing for boilers from a vendor

Pex Universe

Taco’s  Circulator Sizing guide


Columbia’s Cast Iron Radiator Sizing

Columbia Heating Supply

Slantfin’s 2000 Baseboard Line BTU/FT Ratings

Slantfin Baseboard

You can travel through to get Kicker sizing, Hydronic floor reg sizing, and Baseboard sizing for Slantfin products

EPA source for refrigerant handling
EPA Refrigerant Handling

Emerson- Good TXV article for Diagnosing

Sheet Metal Identification from a manufacturer
Sheet Metal Identification

Educational Brazing Videos from a manufacturer: copper to copper, copper to aluminum, aluminum to aluminum, copper to brass
Lucas Milhaupt

You can find study flashcards for each HVAC topic and possibly test review cards but you must test each them until you are comfortable with the individual posting the flashcards.

NJ only Incentives and Rebate Programs
NJ Clean Energy

NJ Training and Certifications
Green Job Training

Eastern Heating and Cooling Council -NJ Training, Licensing info
Eastern Heating

Database of all State Incentives
State Incentives

Government studies on Energy Savings and Tips